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On view also works by Yan Pei-Ming, Wang Yuyang, Lucio Fontana

John Armleder, Lu Song

11.11.2020 | 15.11.2020
West Bund Art & Design 2020, Shanghai

Keep Going is a special project curated for Westbund 2020. 

The energy given by John Armleder’s pour painting, where the colours glide down the canvas as a cascade of immense beauty, enters in dialogue with the adventurous brushstrokes in Lu Song’s,  the latter characterised by a soft delicate feeling as if the artist wanted to portray the skin of a special bloom. In Lu Song’s series Purple Skin the same flower image is represented under different tones and using different techniques in order  to grasp its essence; in Armleder's large canvas different mediums organically mix and amalgamate drawing the silhouette of what many could recognise the representation of mountains. Keep Going wants to share a natural feeling while expressing a desire to keep moving forward.