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Giulio Paolini

Il mondo nuovo
15.06.2020 - 19.09.2020
Milano / Belgioioso

Piazza Belgioioso 2
20121 Milano - Italy


Massimo De Carlo is pleased to present Il Mondo Nuovo, Giulio Paolini’s first solo show in our gallery space in Piazza Belgioioso in Milan. The exhibition presents a new bodyof work created by the artist for the occasion.

Il Mondo Nuovo, the exhibition’s title, is inspired by the homonymous fresco by the Venetian artist Giandomenico Tiepolo (1727-1804): it represents a crowd of onlookers waiting to light some sort of magic lantern, that projects imaginative images of exotic places inside. As in Tiepolo’s fresco it is the curiosity for the unknown and for a mysterious future, that characterizes the scene, in Paolini’s works that are on display the temporal dimension is the protagonist. The obsession with the passing of time in the artist’s life, in the history of art, or in the succession of hours, runs through all of the artworks.