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    Christina Forrer
    Christina Forrer
    14.02.2023 - 18.02.2023

    57 Rue de Turenne
    75003 Paris, France

Christina Forrer weaves her tapestries combining wool and cotton yarns in vibrant, contrasting colours. Forrer creates soft, textured tapestries that she hangs raw, unframed directly onto the wall. Her work draws on her attachment to classic folklore and children’s tales, transporting the viewer into an alternate imaginary universe – both with the characters and scenes that she represents, and thanks to the medium of the tapestry itself, which alludes to the handcrafted, domestic and ritualistic practice of weaving. 

Hallowed Ground is packed with colour and action. The tapestry is composed of two horizontal rectangular panels, stitched together with an unapologetic white thread. The composition thus appears to have two sides: on the bottom, a chariot racing along the trees with three frantic, whimsical figures togging at two wild horses. On the top, little bugs and creatures inhabit a rainbow-colored forest, seemingly unphased by the chariot’s swift passage. For Forrer, the forest is a cherished source of inspiration: in her native Switzerland, the forests are accessible, magical places that withhold countless tales and set the scene for imaginary adventures. Briming with life and energy, in Hallowed Ground the forest is a harmonious ensemble of creatures and cloud-like trees. Playful and controlled at once, the tapestry is an invitation to imagine : where are these three characters racing to? Each one presents distinctive characteristics: a fluffy, bearded fellow with glasses holds the reins, a surreal character in the middle harboring two horns ins crying as he holds on to the chariot, and a third character in the back seems on the brink of falling overboard – perhaps from the hollows in the forest ground. 

Forrer’s mastery of scale and color combination creates a unique patchwork of action and meditation that is as comforting in its softness as intriguing in its mystery. 

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