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Milano / Lombardia

Casa Corbellini-Wassermann

In 2019 Massimo De Carlo has acquired a new iconic building in the centre of Milan, which has become the epicentre of its activities after undergoing a philological restoration.
The new gallery is situated in Viale Lombardia 17 in the building known as Casa Corbellini Wassermann, which was built in the early 1930s (1934-1936) by the renowned Italian architect Piero Portaluppi (19 March 1888 – 6 July 1967).
One of the most famous projects by Portaluppi, the once domestic space is characterised by a careful use of precious materials – such as different types of marbles for both the interior and exterior – and is one of the finest examples of Milanese rationalist architecture. The spiral staircase on the exterior of the building, for example, had been used for the “Casa del Sabato per gli sposi”, shown at the Milan's Triennale dedicated to residential architecture in 1933 by Portaluppi and the BBPR Studio.