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MASSIMODECARLO is pleased to present its first Winter Wunderkammer - a repository of wondrous art objects hosted in the gallery’s VSpace. This cabinet of curiosities offers a contemporary reinterpretation of the traditional Wunderkammer displaying an eclectic collection of over sixty artworks and objects from artists Josh Smith, John Armleder, Maurizio Cattelan and Tomoo Gokita, among many others.

This contemporary Wunderkammer will feature the four archetypical cabinets of curiosities: Naturalia, Artificialia, Exotica and Scientifica. Every artwork and object, whether depicting nature like Carsten Höller’s hybrid birds or influenced by ancient worlds and mythologies such as Matthew Monahan’s watercolour creatures, tells a story or, more often than not, is an invitation to make up new stories. Explore our Virtual Winter Wunderkammer and collect MASSIMODECARLO’s curiosities!

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