John McAllister

John McAllister was born in Slidell, Louisiana in 1973. He lives and works in Northampton, Massachusetts.

John McAllister, deeply drawn to the enigmatic play of light, immersed himself in its exploration through the medium of painting. His journey from California to New York proved pivotal, especially his encounter with Post-Impressionist masters at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The works of Pierre Bonnard and Henri Matisse drew him into the tradition of twentieth-century artists who strive to capture the immemorial elements of light.

In his landscapes, instead of sketching specific scenes and points of view in the natural world, McAllister creates imagined vistas inspired by the sense of the sublime experienced in the beauty of nature. The artist engages in an ever-evolving dialogue with his environment; formed as close by as the flowers planted in his garden beyond his studio door, to riding his bike for miles through the wilderness in his surrounding Massachusetts. Back in the studio he creates scenes that possess the kind of harmonious beauty only possible with a considerate understanding of the delicate balance between the oppositional forces in nature and its constant state of flux: the fleetingness of a single ray of light against the ubiquitous being of the sun: the endless cycle of creative growth into hibernation and decay.

McAllister’s almost electric tonalities paint vivid and blooming scenes that embody the essence of pleasure and delight that coexist in painting and nature. His canvases defy conventional perspective, merging flat surfaces with illusions of depth set against intricate backdrops reminiscent of textiles and wallpapers. Each painting - whether a still life, landscape, or detailed interior - offers a poetic glimpse into a world where naïvety flirts with decadence.

McAllister’s works are included in public collections such as The Hammer Museum, Los Angeles; The Rubell Family Collection, Miami and Le Consortium, Dijon, FR.

John Mc Allister


Solo exhibitions
Country, Exhibition Name, Location
PRC, John McAllister, MASSIMODECARLO, Hong Kong
USA, sometimes splendid seeming...stellar even...ripping, James Fuentes, Los Angeles
F, Sculpting Earth, Painting Sensations, Almine Rech Gallery, Paris
D, sometimes symphony clatter calm, Wentrup Gallery, Berlin
B, be delirious reveries ringing, Almine Rech, Brussels
B, some rhapsodies radiant, Almine Rech, Brussels
D, Adrift gleaming serenest rustling air, Wentrup Gallery, Berlin
USA, silence sounding sumptuous, James Fuentes, New York
USA, John McAllister, Richard Telles Fine Art, Los Angeles
USA, cymbals of sleep uncurtain the night, James Fuentes, New York
USA, botanic haunting soft-static, Shane Campbell Gallery, Chicago
UK, Wished-for wilds, Carl Freedman Gallery, London
B, riot rose summary, Almine Rech, Brussels
D, Chorus clamors sultry, Wentrup Gallery, Berlin
J, sudden thunder some motley sea, Hagiwara Projects, Tokyo
USA, Sultry Spells Rapture, Richard Telles Fine Art, Los Angeles
USA, serene raving radiant, James Fuentes, New York
USA, tides must exalt, James Fuentes, New York
UK, stellar crash the sea, Carl Freedman, London
USA, starry sudden without blares, Shane Campbell, Chicago
UK, serenest riots away, Carl Freedman, London
USA, Duskbright Bellows, Richard Telles, Los Angeles
USA, Damned Sparkling Pomp, James Fuentes, New York
CH, John McAllister, Ribordy Contemporary, Geneve
USA, Much Pretty Reverie, James Fuentes, New York
USA, Alistair, James Fuentes, New York
USA, Fire, James Fuentes, New York
Group exhibitions
Country, Exhibition Name, Location
D, The beauty of things: Still life from 1900 to today, Kunsthalle, Emden
USA, Particular Kind of Heaven Curated by Ali Dipp, parrasch heijnen, Los Angeles
USA, Chromazones, Analog Diary, Beacon
USA, Symbiosis, Berkshire Botanical Garden, Stockbridge
F, Les Fleur du Mâle, Musée International d'Art Naïf Anatole Jakovsky, Nice
USA, Unnatural Nature: Post-Pop Landscapes, Acquavella Galleries, New York
F, In Bloom, MASSIMODECARLO Pièce Unique, Paris
USA, Marcia Hafif and John McAllister, Parts & Labor, Beacon, New York
USA, Salon de Peinture, Almine Rech, New York
USA, EXPEDITION, Brattleboro, Vermont
USA, INTERIORS: hello from the living room, 1969 Gallery, New York
CH, Group show, MAMCO, Geneva
USA, Contemporary Landscape, Shane Campbell Gallery, Chicago
F, Group show, Le Consortium, Dijon
F, The Shell (Landscapes, Portraits & Shapes), a show by Eric Troncy, Almine Rech, Paris
USA, Don't Look Now Curated by 247365, Zach Feuer, New York
F, L'Almanach 14, Le Consortium, Dijon
UK, Inside Arrangement, Mary Mary, Glasgow
USA, All a tremulous heart requires, ZieherSmith, New York
USA, American Exuberance, Rubell Family Collection, Miami
USA, Six Pack, Richard Telles Fine Art, Los Angeles
USA, Harlequin, Sister / Cottage Home, Los Angeles
USA, Joan Mitchell Foundation: 2007 MFA Grant Recipients Show, Cue Art Foundations, New York
USA, Greater Los Angeles Master of FIne Arts Exhibition, California State University, Long Beach
USA, The Old Unstable Stable: MFA Thesis Exhibition, Art Center College of Design, Pasadena
USA, 2nd ANNUAL L.A. WEEKLY BIENNIAL: MFA WMDs: Selections From L.A. Art Schools, Track 16 Gallery, Bergamot Station, Santa Monica


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Public collections

Consortium Museum, Dijon
United States of America
Hammer Museum, Los Angeles
Rubell Family Collection, Miami


John McAllister