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Empty Space. The light beyond the shadow

Lu Song

31.01.2023 | 11.02.2023
Pièce Unique

MASSIMODECARLO is pleased to present Empty Space. The light beyond the shadow, Lu Song’s first solo exhibition at Pièce Unique in Paris.

Over the course of two weeks, the gallery will show six paintings from Lu Song’s Empty Space series, one painting at the time, for two days each.

Empty Space. The light beyond the shadow is an invitation to explore ambiguity. Playing with the contrast of empty and full, Lu Song fills his canvases with pure matter: rather than represent objects or places, he shifts his attention to a higher, more distant ground, focusing on his feelings, pouring his sensations onto the canvas.

In his own words, these paintings “make uncertainty visible and sensible by emphasizing the relationship between the known and the unknown”. Influenced by Tanizaki Junichiro's 1933 "In Praise of Shadows" – an essay that analyses Japanese philosophy of aesthetics – each work explores a different aspect of the artist’s interior realm: “His words brought me a different perspective to observe and think about the objective world.”

Suspended in time, each painting explores a different color palette, and color combinations, ranging from deep purples to chalky greens and electric blues. Lu’s characteristically bold, lush brushstrokes are layered with more liquid transparencies, with hints of natural, organic forms afloat in his compositions.

The Artist

Lu Song

Lu Song