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The Glover Group: A Los Angeles Story

Ruby Neri, Hilary Pecis, Megan Reed, Lily Stockman, Austyn Weiner

On the occasion of The Glover Group: A Los Angeles Story, Ruby Neri, Hilary Pecis, Megan Reed, Lily Stockman, and Austyn Weiner joined forces to create a remarkable edition —an exquisite corpse (cadavre exquis). This collaborative work displays their distinctive styles while underscoring the power of intuitive collaboration.

Over the past few years, these five artists have nurtured their unique artistic voices within the same studio complex in Frogtown, Los Angeles, creating an organic yet coincidental community of women artists connected by their shared workspace.

In an era where traditional artistic groups and movements are increasingly rare, Neri, Pecis, Reed, Stockman, and Weiner boldly defy such categorisations, revealing their unwavering admiration for one another while maintaining their individuality. The Glover Group: A Los Angeles Story celebrates artistic diversity and highlights the power of coexistence among artists.


The exquisite corpse commences with one of Neri’s voluptuous feminine figures, followed by Reed’s geometric shapes, seamlessly transitioning into Weiner’s dynamic brushstrokes. Stockman contributes with a biomorphic form that connects the elements, and the piece culminates with Pecis's still-life depiction, concluding with a pair of feet on a wooden floor.

This unique edition exemplifies the extraordinary beauty that emerges from the collective imagination of a serendipitous community of women artists.