Brian Rochefort

Brian Rochefort was born in Lincoln, Rhode Island, in 1985. He currently lives and works in Los Angeles.

Brian Rochefort primarily works with ceramic and glazes as a mixed media sculptor, creating one-of-a-kind vibrant sculptures covered in abstract patterns and fascinating textural features. The process of his work involves breaking apart unfired clay objects and layering them up with more material, then firing between each layer of glaze to produce volcanic masses and craters overflowing with colour. The surfaces of the sculptures are a blend of rough, uneven clumps and smooth, bubbly drips, all suspended in place by the kiln firing.

Rochefort’s work is in the permanent collection of the NMAC Foundation, Cádiz, Spain; the Zabludowicz Collection, London; the Chapman University, Orange and the Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento, USA. Rochefort was awarded the Lillian Fellowship from the Archie Bray Foundation for Ceramic Arts in Montana, 2007-2008.

Credits Dustin Aksland NYTM DM Ppiy


Solo exhibitions
Country, Exhibition Name, Location
USA, Burned Out Stars, presented by Dries Van Noten, The Little House, Los Angeles
USA, 5 4 3 2 1, Van Doren Waxter, New York
PRC, Freddie Mercury, MASSIMODECARLO, Hong Kong
I, Perhaps An Asteroid Hit, MASSIMODECARLO, Milano
G, Stellar Gems, Bernier Eliades, Athens
USA, Absorption by the Sun Curated by Alexandra Terry, Museum of Contemporary Art, Santa Barbara
I, Collapse, Caterina Tognon in collaboration with Van Doren Waxter, Venezia
USA, 2030, Van Doren Waxter, New York
USA, Brian Rochefort: Ceramica Azul, The Mistake Room, Los Angeles
UK, Jaguar! Jaguar!, Massimo De Carlo, London
B, Brian Rochefort - Simon Demeuter, Sorry We’re Closed, Brussels
USA, HotSpots, Van Doren Waxter, New York
F, Love Letter, Lefebvre & Fils, Paris
Group exhibitions
Country, Exhibition Name, Location
USA, Hot Spring, The Pit, Los Angeles
USA, Forms, Gagosian and Jeffrey Deitch, Miami Beach
USA, Clay Pop, Jeffrey Deitch, Los Angeles
USA, Slip Tease, Kasmin, New York
PRC, Liu Shangying and Brian Rochefort, MASSIMODECARLO, Beijing
CH, The 3 Musketeers, Patricia Low, Gstaad
F, Toucher Terre, Fondation Villa Datris, L’Isle-sur-la-Sorgue
USA, Lush 2: A contemporary Ceramics Exhibition, Lighthouse Art CenterTequesta, Tequesta
F, Contre-Nature, Mo.Co. Montpellier, Montpellier
UK, Cracked, Tristan Hoare, London
USA, Clay Pop, Jeffrey Deitch, New York
USA, On Boxing, Blum & Poe, Los Angeles
Fragile and Unregulated Curated by Brian Rochefort, MASSIMODECARLO, VSpace
MC, Artifices Instables. Histoires de céramiques, Villa Sauber , NMNM, Monaco
USA, 100 Sculptures, No Gallery, Los Angeles
F, Mutant Nature, Workshop Gallery, Paris
USA, Cool Clay, Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento
LU, Summer Show, Zidoun & Bossuyt, Luxembourg
USA, Melting Point: Movements in Contemporary Clay, Craft Contemporary, Los Angeles
USA, Ceramic Biennial, CAFAM, Los Angeles
USA, “It’s All Good…”, Diane Rosenstein Fine Art, Los Angeles
USA, From Funk to Punk: Left Coast Ceramics, Everson Museum of Art, Syracuse
USA, All The Small Things, Steve Turner Gallery, Los Angeles
USA, Regarding George Ohr, Boca Raton Museum of Art, Boca Raton
USA, Marinade, BBQLA, Los Angeles
USA, Cavity, Some Time Salon, San Francisco
USA, Taste My Raindrops, Mindy Solomon, Miami
USA, Matt Mignanelli, Brian Rochefort, Russell Tyler, Richard Heller Gallery, Santa Monica
USA, In Reverse Order, The Cabin, Los Angeles
USA, Vault Exhibitions, AMOCA, Pomona
B, Gerasimos Floratos and Brian Rochefort, Sorry We’re Closed, Brussels
USA, Highland Park Museum of Art, Monte Vista Projects, Los Angeles


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Public collections

NMAC Foundation, Cádiz
United Kingdom
Zabludowicz Collection
United States of America
Chapman University, Orange
Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento


Brian Rochefort